How to survive, and thrive, in the digital-first world

Empowering NGOs in a digital world

For organizations to survive, they must change and adapt but too many nonprofits don’t have the resources or skills necessary to create value in their journey toward digital transformation. Along the way, there are myriad challenges — lack of funding, outdated technology, and a knowledge gap. 

An aspirational goal suddenly becomes a necessity.

The NGO 180 program helps nonprofits identify, deploy and build software products with a unique and flexible process; it's designed to fit the needs of your most important partners: donors, beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Website, Apps & Automation

Free website assessments, cost-effective consultations, and customized solutions — TechSoup helps you determine your nonprofit’s website goals and strategy and leverage the right tools and technology to engage your followers and funders.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Can you reach donors and prospects where they are today across the digital, direct mail, email and social spectrum? Identify & deploy solutions needed to achieve your organization’s vision. Quantify the level of investment your vision will require.

Governance & Board Management

Enable your NGO to conduct Board performance evaluations as part of an ongoing commitment to best practices; These assessments are extremely meaningful and valuable.  

Fundraising & Donor management

Supercharge your nonprofit’s fundraising initiatives & cultivate valuable relationships. All the tools your nonprofit needs. Raise and retain more for less. Built to help nonprofits grow. 

AGM's & Member Meetings

Integrating the Online and In-room experience for shareholder and member meetings. Streamline the voting process and seamlessly integrate proxy voting data with scalable electronic or mobile voting, providing instant polling results.

AI for Good

AI can help non-profits advance their missions and make the world a better place. However, like with any organization, they must have a plan in place as they launch their AI journey.

By ensuring you have a clear problem in mind, quality data to feed the algorithms, and some financial support, NGOs can make the most of what AI has to offer.

Five Best Practices for Small NGOs
in a digital economy.

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