The structure of the arts and cultural industry leaves working artists and performers particularly vulnerable during catastrophes.

A new window to the world

Cut off by a pandemic, not by choice, artists have renegotiated their relationships with entertainment and audiences.

More than 2 billion

people went to YouTube each month to experience music.

Music has been a galvanizing force for racial justice, for example.

During the height of BLM protests in against systemic racism in June 2020, Childish Gambino’s 2018 hit, “This is America,” returned to the U.S. and Global YouTube top songs charts.

How we help?

Rise of the Digital Creator

In a pervasively digital world it should be no surprise that creativity will need to draw even more heavily on data and technology to create relevant experiences for consumers. We now have an almost infinite audience who have vastly different interests and inhabit different cultures.

We aim to enable artists to imagine new ways to engage with the idea of live-ness and community through a digital landscape.

A recent study from JCA Arts Marketing found that 43% of the digital audiences in the survey had never attended an in-person performance.

This should be reassuring for creators - as they develop their media & accessibility. 

  • It’s the digital medium’s potential to expand accessibility on multiple fronts
  • Greater pricing flexibility can reduce economic hurdles via lower price points and sliding payment scales
  • Audiences with disabilities can be better accommodated with captioning and audio description
  • Remote attendance broadens reach to those who are physically unable
  • The global reach of digital means artists and theaters can cultivate audiences well beyond the typically local scope

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Pivot to digital

Change is painful, but it’s also liberating. Lean into the reality that the old ways of working are no longer effective, and seize the opportunity to create new ones. 

The future is already here. 

Designed to deliver revenue

Helping creators easily share and monetize their work is what we predict will be the next step in the evolution of the internet.

Develop 1000 superfans

To make a living as a craftsperson, photographer, musician, designer, author, animator, app maker, entrepreneur, or inventor you need only thousands of true fans. -

Know your audience

Building your audience is crucial to being a successful creator. These are the people who have already fallen in love with your work. They are the ones singing your praises to anyone who will listen. If you aren’t staying in touch with your audience, you are missing out on an enormous opportunity.





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