Creating opportunities for women artisans to thrive

We aim to empower women worldwide by providing them with our UNLOCK WE program which accelerates their skills, income, and most importantly their dignity to thrive.


Foster sustainable livelihoods 

WE; an acronym for Women Entrepreneurs. 

After years of operating and working with small, female cooperatives in the developing world, our partners & teams have been able to gain a unique insight. We know that women face different challenges in business than men do. It’s an important area that deserves more resources.

Many of these women lack the skills and business training necessary to gain the attention of the mainstream fair trade movement and their local markets are often limited. While there is progress for some, moreover, their efforts often do not help the women break the generational cycle of poverty.

The UNLOCK WE program provides training, mentorship, and access to customers for female artisans in developing countries so they can increase their earning and retain their dignity.

Unconditional income for artisans worldwide. Sustainable supply chain management. Join us on adventure, we need you!

  • Partner with grassroots organizations serving female entrepreneurs
  • Launch new or further develop existing WE training programs
  • Design ethically-made products in sync with the latest fashion trends 
  • Coach & upskill WE in artisan, business, and leadership skills
  • Ensure fair wages & access to capital to break the cycle of poverty
  • Develop brands & bring products to market
  • Share stories and ensure purchase impact
  • Reinvest a portion of sales for on-going training and access to capital for WE

Making space for women and diverse voices

Experts have said that closing the entrepreneurial gender gap could boost the global economy by up to $5 trillion.

Aspiring WE

Self-confidence is ranked by women as one of the top three skills most critical to successfully running a business in most countries in Asia.

Internet Usage by Women in India

Women in India spend the least time online in Asia Pacific.  Interestingly, Indian women are online almost exclusively on smartphones.

WE in North America

In 2017,
more than 1.1 million women-led businesses
generated nearly $1.5 billion in revenue
and created more than 10 million jobs.


A model for global social impact with WE

Unlock WE’s innovative and first of its kind business model ensures that: - Unlock WE is a recognized global leader in the fair trade of handcrafted goods.

A significant portion of revenue generated from high end consumers goes directly to artisans.

Through the program, WE beneficiaries 
gain access to financial services and income from other jobs. 

Our pilot program showcased products made are much improved, compared with their previous production.

A set of 10

  • Delivered within 10 days of order
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Perfect for self-use & gifiting
  • Supports 1 WE


A set of 100

  • Delivered within 10 days of order
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Perfect for self use and gifting
  • Personalized for you or your brand


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