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What we do
Stop the spread of incorrect information, which encourages risky behavior by giving people a false sense of security
  • Use smartphones to track and report transmissions
  • Empower people log their movements and compare them with those of known coronavirus patients
  • Prevent many people from being exposed to a pandemic
  • Enable future disease epidemics to be more reliably contained
  • Manage unwanted corporate or government surveillance
Let's flatten the curve
We deliver the possibility of both reducing the number of cases through early detection & testing.

A positive test result is instantly communicated to the server, and enacts quarantine and social distancing measures in those known to be possible contacts.

Let's enable people to continue their lives in an informed, safe and socially responsible way.

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We work with government bodies, NGO's, researchers & healthcare specialists.
Who is COWIN going to help?
  • Government & Public health services
  • Corporate professionals
  • Residential Societies
  • Medical & Healthcare professionals
  • Logistics and Delivery Professionals
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Public & Private spaces

Let's avoid a sharp increase in Covid 19 cases when social-distancing measures are relaxed.

Collective safety, not punitive spying, is the ethos.
JS Tan, a writer and activist
Social distancing can't last forever. Ceaseless social distancing is not the only way to end this outbreak.
Here's what should come next. From sledgehammer of social distancing into a scalpel: widespread testing and contact tracing. A solution built to enable individuals to request a COVID-19 test and log the result.

After SARS and H1N1, Singapore built a robust system for tracking and containing epidemics.
Get Covid-19 insights
What do we know?
  • Fever is one of the main symptoms of Covid-19
  • The threat of community spread of COVID-19 is immense in densely populated areas.
  • Older people seem much more likely to suffer complications from Covid-19
  • Tracing for additional victims is often based on memory, which is unreliable and time consuming.
What do we need
  • Urgent need to flatten the curve, lowering a probable spike of infections, perhaps pushing that surge of seriously ill people
  • All sorts of seemingly small systematic changes limit the spread of an infectious disease
  • COVID-19 cases so far have been identified by testing people with symptoms
Insights from COWIN
Person-to-person interviews might be too slow to arrest a national pandemic accelerating through a population.
Decentralized privacy while preserving proximity tracing
Populate anonymized map data & what fraction of the population are asymptomatic carriers
Local processing for contact tracing
Target the people you know to have the disease and understand who they’re spreading it to
Navigating the uncharted
Information is critical in deploying the appropriate response to this outbreak - where to target critical medical resources
Individual Approach
Covid-19 cases will increase sharply once social-distancing measures are relaxed.

Protect yourself with #besafe protocols.
Experts on the need for COWIN
"Highly detailed surveillance data will be critical for understanding the outbreak”
an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
“I think that self-reporting illness through the internet or on your phone is very useful for getting a proper picture of what is going on”
a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine
“The data is there, and it could make a big positive difference if they could get it to work.”
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London, UK
“If we all just went right back to how things were before, transmission would start again with the same intensity,”
a professor at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.
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Data & Privacy
Our goal is to simplify and accelerate the process of identifying people who have been in contact with an infected person, thus providing a technological foundation to help slow the spread of C19. Cowin aims to minimise privacy and security risks for individuals and communities and guarantee the highest level of data protection.
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